Stefano Procenzano's curriculum vitae

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Stefano Procenzano's curriculum vitae

These are, in my opinion, some outstanding important points of my curriculum:

  • very good knowledge of english language, spoken and written;
  • good knowledge of french language, spoken and written;
  • several years of experience on AS/400 - iSeries - System i - IBM i and IBM Power Systems:
    • thorough knowledge of IBM i;
    • multiple systems administration;
    • backup & recovery, BRMS management;
    • job scheduling, with IBM Advanced Job Scheduler and BMC Control-M;
    • database performance and tuning;
    • work management and system performances;
    • security management;
    • programming skills;
    • hardware and software problems management;
  • collaborative and predisposed to personal relationship and teamwork;
  • I've good interpersonal and organizational skills, I'm dynamic and results oriented, a quick-learner and a self-starter;
  • I'm receptive to new ideas and responsive to new circumstances, I am eager to learn new skills and competencies.

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